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For the North-West
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For the North-West
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For the North-West
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For the North-West

G'day, I'm Gav Pearce

I reckon the North-West, West Coast and King Island are the best places in the world to live.  We're no-nonsense, loyal, hard working and punch well above our weight. As your federal representative, my job is to make sure Canberra doesn't take us for granted.

What gets me up and about every day?

Getting it done for our great region - the electorate of Braddon.

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More about Gav
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Braddon's voice in Canberra

I promised the North-West, West Coast and King Island that I'd be Braddon's voice in Canberra, not the other way around.

For too long, Canberra has taken our region for granted. They're happy to reap the benefits of our minerals, our fresh produce and our world-leading innovations, but they've been slow to invest back and give us what we need and deserve.

My job is to make sure Canberra knows we're here, and that federal government investment into Braddon reflects the significant contribution our region makes to the nation's prosperity.


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