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For the North-West
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For the North-West

Welcome to Braddon

The best electorate . . . in the best state . . . in the best country in the world!

106,450 residents

Braddon's population

The most down-to-earth, fair dinkum Aussies you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

21,369 square kms

Braddon's size

Of Australia's 151 electorates, Braddon is the 22nd largest in area.

185 Towns

Braddon's towns

From Arthur River in the west, Bakers Beach in the east, Wickam in the north and Strahan in the south.

8 Councils

Braddon's LGAs

Burnie City, Central Coast, Circular Head, Devonport City, King Island, Latrobe,
Waratah-Wynyard and West Coast.

The electorate of Braddon is one of the five Tasmanian federal electorates. It covers the North-West, West Coast and King Island and is centred around the major towns of Devonport, Burnie, Ulverstone, Wynyard, Latrobe, Smithton, Queenstown and Currie.

The electorate was named in honour of Sir Edward Nicholas Coventry Braddon KCMG, 1829–1904. Sir Edward was an active member of the Constitutional Conventions that led to the Commonwealth of Australia and served as one of the first Members of the House of Representatives. Before entering federal parliament, Sir Edward Braddon served as Agent-General for Tasmania, was a member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly and Premier of Tasmania.

The electorate of Braddon is as diverse as the residents who live there. Blessed with Australia’s richest agricultural soil, Braddon's farmers are the most productive, the most efficient and produce the best food on the planet.

Map of Braddon

The west coast mining industry is Braddon's unsung hero, processing around $2.8 billion worth of product per year - accounting for around 60 per cent of Tasmania’s exports. The region is also the heart of Tasmania's World Heritage Wilderness area.

Braddon folk are enterprising and entrepreneurial, renowned for what they make and create - from cheese, whisky, milk, chocolate, honey to giant machines that mine the nation's minerials.

So if you're a stranger to the region, don't be! We look forward to welcoming you to God's Own Country - the North West, West Coast and King Island of Tasmania.

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