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Media Release: Record increases to HECS-HELP debts sending young graduates to the wall

26 April 2024

On 1 June, more than 3 million university graduates – many in their 20’s and 30’s looking to get their start in life - will be hit with a 4.7% increase in their student debt.

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Media Release: New data shows farmers will walk away if worker access is further eroded

19 April 2024

New data from the National Farmers’ Federation has revealed farmers are threatening to change what they grow or even walk away from farming if their access to overseas workers is further eroded.

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Media Release: Communications investment a gamechanger for King Island

11 April 2024

The completion of the $9.8 million investment into the King Island mobile network is being officially celebrated today. The globally recognised communication project established a new standard for telecommunications infrastructure, with the delivery of the world’s longest high-capacity microwave feed from Cape Wickham to Victoria.

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Media Release: AEC Referendum Entity Returns

4 April 2024

The AEC’s recent Entity Returns report has confirmed what many had already begun to suspect; The Voice’s Yes campaign was a priority for elites, activists, and corporations, while the No campaign was supported by everyday mums and dads.

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Media Release: Under Labor, everyday essentials keep going up

2 April 2024

The recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) data is a reminder of the extraordinary financial pain that hardworking families right across the North-West, West Coast, and King Island are experiencing because of the Albanese Labor Government’s bad policies.

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Editorial: Our region deserves more than a throw-away line

25 March 2024

If there was an award for the most over-used phrase this year, “cost-of-living crisis” would be a hot contender. It’s been bandied around by politicians pointing the finger at everyone else and taking giant steps backwards rather than claiming responsibility.

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Media Statement: Closing the gap

15 February 2024

The failure to close the gap is not confined to a single party, institution, or government. There has been a collective effort across Australian politics to succeed in this area, but closing the gap has not been achieved.

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Media Release: Labor buries the truth about taipans

15 February 2024

The Albanese Government must immediately clarify why it will not respond to new evidence and instruct Defence to pause the burial of Australia’s MRH-90 Taipan helicopters.

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Media Release: Labor fails to skill the North-West, West Coast and King Island

14 February 2024

New data proves that despite promising to skill more Australians than the Coalition, Anthony Albanese’s Labor government is overseeing a wholesale collapse in the number of apprentices and trainees in every state.

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Media Release: Tasmanian salmon industry calamity could be fixed tomorrow if Labor had a backbone today

28 January 2024

The Albanese Government’s weakness has been called out by Federal Opposition Leader Peter Duton and Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockliff following their visit to salmon industry workers on the West Coast of Tasmania.

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Media Statement: The Honourable Scott Morrison MP

24 January 2024

Former Prime Minister and Member for Cook, Hon. Scott Morrison MP, will leave Australia’s Federal Parliament at the end February 2024.

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Media Release: Taiwan elections

14 January 2024

I wish to extend my congratulations to the people of Taiwan for the successful expression of their democratic rights in electing Lai Ching-te as their new President.

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Media Release: Labor axe program to help local truckies

12 January 2024

The Albanese Labor Government is set to scrap the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program (HVSPP) which will have devastating consequences for our region a local MP has said.

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road safety

Media Release: More Labor lies on safety funds as road fatalities continue to rise

12 January 2024

With MYEFO exposing no extra money will be allocated to fix road accident Black Spots for another four years, the Albanese Labor government has been caught out lying about funding for the Commonwealth’s “cornerstone” road safety program.

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Big Australia

Media Release: Labor’s record-breaking Big Australia in 2023

4 January 2024

The scale of Labor’s Big Australia by stealth, which is fuelling inflation, driving up rents, and straining government services, has been revealed by new data released today.

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Media Release: Non-government schools and religious charities targeted in proposed tax grab

3 January 2024

The Coalition is urging the Albanese Labor Government to rule out adopting recommendations from a draft Productivity Commission report which threatens to rip funding from non-government schools and charities.

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Media Release: Benefits of the former Liberal government’s investment still being felt

19 December 2023

Federal Member for Braddon, Gavin Pearce MP, today joined the Mayors of Devonport and Central Coast Councils, to officially open the newest section of the $14.4m Coastal Pathway extension - from Leith to Don Heads.

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Media Release: Productivity Commission confirms biosecurity levy is bad policy

13 December 2023

A report by the Productivity Commission has confirmed what the Liberal/National Coalition has been saying from the outset: That the Albanese government’s proposed Biosecurity Protection Levy is a deeply flawed policy littered with a suite of issues.

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Mac Harbour

Statement: Minister Plibersek has put city politics ahead of process and people

30 November 2023

The Minister for the Environment, Tanya Plibersek, has announced that she will reexamine a decade-old decision to grant approval for salmon farming in Macquarie Harbour. This has set a very dangerous precedent.

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East Devonport

Media Release: The East Devonport community don’t need a review, they need the Minister to step up

22 November 2023

On Monday, I wrote to the Federal Minister for Health, the Hon Mark Butler, urging him to take immediate action to prevent the closure of the East Devonport Medical Centre.

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Media Release: Underwhelming cyber strategy too little too late

22 November 2023

The Albanese government’s new cyber security strategy, to be finally released today after more than a year in development and millions spent on high-priced consultants, fails to live up to the expectations minister O’Neil set for the government.

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Media Release: Labor is delaying COVID safeguards for Australian communities

20 November 2023

Australia is experiencing a spike in COVID-19 numbers as the country braces for a new wave ahead of Christmas, and yet the Albanese Labor government has failed to rollout new COVID vaccines to safeguard vulnerable Australians, with COVID-19 vaccination rates are at an alltime low.

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Media Release: Agriculture under siege

17 November 2023

Farmer confidence is at an all-time low after the National Farmers’ Federation surveyed more than 1600 farmers and found the majority of farmers (54.3 per cent) thought the Albanese Labor government was harming the industry.

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Media Release: ACCC must investigate supermarket meat prices

13 November 2023

The Federal Member for Braddon, Gavin Pearce MP, is calling on Treasurer Jim Chalmers and Agriculture Minister Murray Watt to investigate supermarket meat sale prices and urgently direct the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to hold a price inquiry.

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Media Release: Weeds and pests cost farmers billions, reinforces need for container levy

9 November 2023

A report released by ABARES this week has highlighted that weeds and pests are costing farmers $5.3 billion a year through management and production loss.

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Statement: Is it Labor's goal to shut down the entire West Coast of Tasmania?

8 November 2023

Is it the Albanese Labor government’s intention to wipe out the entire West Coast, one of Tasmania’s most productive and successful regions? Regrettably, all the evidence is pointing to this disturbing ambition.

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Border force

Media Release: Labor sees Illegal Maritime Arrivals sent to Nauru for the first time in nine years

23 October 2023

The Australian Border Force revealed that last month a vessel was intercepted and its passengers taken to Nauru for the first time in nine years. This is the ninth people smuggling venture to attempt to arrive illegally in Australia since the May 2022 Federal Election.

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Labor robs rural

Labor robs rural communities of funding

10 October 2023

Regional and remote communities are being hit hard by the rising cost of everything. Whether it’s groceries, petrol, electricity, housing, mortgage – many of you are telling me life is much tougher now than it was 18-months ago.

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Gavin Pearce hosts the Leader of the Opposition in Braddon

9 October 2023

It's great to be here at Elliott, at our Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture Dairy Research Facility run by James and his team. We've just had the Leader of the Opposition, my great colleague and leader Peter Dutton. Peter, welcome to the electorate.

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A hard-fought victory to save local pharmacies

17 September 2023

For months, I've been representing local pharmacists in Canberra who say that they were not adequately consulted by the Labor government before they announced their new 60-day dispensing policy, risking the very viability of pharmacies across our region and the nation.

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Aged Care

Speech to parliament: Labor's record in aged care

11 September 2023

Labor never misses an opportunity for self-congratulation, and this motion is another outstanding example of back-slapping by those opposite. Today, I want to focus my attention on their claim that they are delivering the safe, high-quality care that our older Australian’s deserve.

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Pearce calls for consultation inclusion

9 September 2023

Federal Braddon MP Gavin Pearce has blasted Housing Minister Julie Collins and the government for not holding North-West and West Coast-based consultation sessions to address the housing crisis.

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Bulk Billing

Bulk billing plummets under Labor

6 September 2023

Latest data has revealed that bulk billing rates have fallen dramatically under the Albanese Labor Government

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New recycling services coming to North West Tasmania

18 August 2023

The new de-packager was commissioned at the Dulverton Waste Management site at Railton. The $400k machinery will support the many farming and food industry jobs in northern Tasmania by processing food waste into compost, regardless of whether it is in its raw or processed form.

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Popular volunteer grants program now open

2 August 2023

More than eight million Australians volunteer each year, freely giving their time, energy and skills to support others. Australian volunteers are the backbone of their communities and are made up of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

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Somerset’s new all abilities playground grand opening

22 July 2023

The long-awaited all-abilities playground at Somerset’s ANZAC Park is open for play. The all-abilities playground has come to fruition through a combination of Federal, State, and local funding - costing a total of $2.5 million.

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Gavin Pearce weighs in on Avebury Nickel Mine

21 July 2023

Shareholders are being implored to back a deal that could keep an embattled West Coast mine afloat, while federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers has been asked to consider the situation.

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‘Cheaper Child Care’ delivers higher fees and no new places for the North-West

18 July 2023

During the last election, Labor promised families living in Braddon they would be better off, but their ‘cheaper childcare’ policy has only delivered higher fees, longer waitlists, no access and further pressure on the sector.

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Gavin Pearce and Angie Bell visit childcare centres in Tasmania

17 July 2023

While the federal government last week upped the subsidy paid to parents with children in care, the federal Liberal early childhood education spokeswoman is on a national fact-finding mission to guide her party's policy.

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Commonwealth review of infrastructure spend launched in May

5 July 2023

The federal government are on the verge of slashing over $1 billion in Tassie infrastructure spending, including over $300 million slated for projects in the north or north-west of the state, as part of a review of spending, Liberal Party MPs have claimed.

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Barnaby Joyce and Gavin Pearce attend Headstone Project event at Wivenhoe

30 June 2023

The new headstones for 20 veterans were unveiled at the Wivenhoe Cemetery during a ceremony on 30 June, with former deputy prime minister and Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce in attendance.

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Circular Head hosts Voice to Parliament forum, led by Liberals

28 June 2023

The Circular Head community was given an opportunity to ask questions about the Voice to Parliament at a Liberal Party led community forum.

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West Coast

Gavin Pearce and Jeremy Rockliff lobby Albanese government to provide aged care beds for the West Coast

18 June 2023

The Premier and the federal Braddon member have revealed that they have been lobbying the Albanese government to provide more aged care beds for the West Coast.

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Truck Washes

Setting the record straight on truck washes

8 June 2023

This week, Senator for Tasmania, Anne Urquhart, issued a media release that included inaccurate information and false claims about the delivery of truck-washes and effluent dumps in Braddon.

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Gavin Pearce fires up over MMG tailing delays

8 June 2023

The federal government does not seem to understand the gravity of the Rosebery Mine's situation, Braddon Liberal MHR Gavin Pearce says.

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SAS Culture

'Australia's SAS culture has already changed' says Gavin Pearce

6 June 2023

Braddon Liberal MHR Gavin Pearce, a veteran soldier, has spoken out to defend Australia's SAS troops.

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Family Court

North-West Family Law Court Services

2 June 2023

For nearly two years, those living across the greater North-West Coast of Tasmania, have been waiting for the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia to confirm that it has secured a permanent venue to conduct its hearings in Burnie.

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Veteran graves

Labor slashes funding for Veterans' charity

16 May 2023

Budget cuts to the veterans’ pathway program run by charity Soldier On makes absolutely no sense according to Federal Member for Braddon and veteran, Gavin Pearce.

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Veteran graves

Help The Headstone Project undertake its vital work

2 May 2023

The Headstone Project, an organisation dedicated to ensuring that all Australian First World War veterans who returned to our shores, have their last resting place suitably marked, needs your help.

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Regrowth forest

‘It takes a country to defend a country’ National Defence: Defence Strategic Review

1 May 2023

As a veteran with a 20-year career in the Defence Force and the Federal Member for Braddon, I’m committed to ensuring that the government’s priority-1 is the protection of our country’s security, interests, and livelihoods.

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Regrowth forest

Albanese hands control of crucial manufacturing program to the Greens

10 March 2023

Prime Minister Albanese has sold out crucial sectors of the Australian manufacturing industry in a desperate effort to secure the passage of their National Reconstruction Fund (NRF) through federal parliament.

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Ration pack contract goes to NZ

Labor’s decision to award ADF combat ration contract to NZ un-Australian

1 March 2023

Federal Member for Braddon, Gavin Pearce MP, said he was disgusted with today’s announcement that a New Zealand company had won the contract to produce combat rations for the ADF.

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Covid deaths in aged care

Labor must accept responsibility for surge in Covid deaths

23 February 2023

To use a military term, the Prime Minister’s mission to fix aged care has to be classified as ‘failure to execute’. Not only that, Labor has entered a warzone, armed with the best intelligence available and yet their actions have made the situation worse.

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Mining for a cleaner future

Mining for a more cleaner future

20 February 2023

Where will the components come from that drive our successful transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future? It may seem counter-intuitive, but the answer is, from our world-leading mining industry.

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Faith leaders

Faith leaders warn religious education under threat

14 February 2023

An alliance of Australian faith leaders has warned that the future of religious education is under threat if they are unable to choose teachers in accordance with their religious ethos.

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Manuka honey

Major win for Tassie's manuka honey producers

2 February 2023

New Zealand’s long running campaign to trademark and claim ownership of the name “Manuka honey” has fittingly hit a brick wall as they withdraw their appeal on earlier rulings in the UK and European union.

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More GPs needed

Federal Government funds strategy to get more GPs into region

29 January 2023

Attracting more GPs to rural and regional areas suffering desperate shortages is the goal of a new agreement between the Tasmanian and Commonwealth governments.

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Coalition strong economic management

Coalition’s strong economic management confirmed

27 January 2023

Data released by the Department of Finance today has confirmed that the former Liberal/National government left the Australian economy in a strong position, despite the global pandemic causing the largest shock to our economy in 100-years.

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Keys2Drive program axed

Not the time to axe Keys2Drive program

25 January 2023

Federal Member for Braddon, Gavin Pearce MP, said that with the national road toll on the rise, now is not the time for the Albanese government to turn its back on road safety.

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Vale John Bennett

Vale Mr John Bennett AM - Australian farming legend

24 January 2023

John Bennett was a mighty man. The Ashgrove Farms and Ashgrove Cheese co-founder’s contribution to the Australian dairy industry was extraordinary and revolutionary.

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